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Images on wood

Here are a couple I did yesterday with my Emblaser 1. The depth is an illusion due to the fine shading I was able to achieve on the burn. Most of the image processing was done using LightBurn’s Shape Property’s tools.

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Absolutely spectacular work.

It really looks like it has depth to it.

Any way you can elaborate on your process?

Thanks. I’m quite pleased with the results.

The images are jpgs found on the net of cnc stl files. I first open them in Illustrator (other programs could also be used for this step) and mask their dark background out. Then I resize them and exported as 450 dpi bmp. Import the bmp into Lightburn and using the Stucki dither for the image I adjust the Gamma, brightness, contrast and increase the radius and number (I assume those two are referring to the size of the Stucki dither dots). When making these adjustments I’m zoomed right in to see in detail the effects the adjustments are making.

It took quite a few small experiments to gain an understanding of what a processed picture should look like on screen to produce a good burn.

I’m not an expert yet but getting better with understanding image processing. I’ve many years of vector drawing so that comes easy. Image processing for a laser burn is a whole different thing.

These were burnt at 80 in/min and 75% power. The dpi was set to match the bmp dpi and the scan gap was .0023. They took approx. 40 minutes each

Having my laser extremely finely focused and burning onto a quality hardwood helps a lot.
I got that hardwood from a coffee table someone was throwing out. I took it apart and got some very nice material from it.

They look awesome Jared, good work.

And another … pretty much the same settings as the two above.

Just stunning.

We would love to include something like this in our Weekly Emblaser projects. Any chance you can share the image you used?

Hi Dominic … the image is from here … https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/615068144/3d-stl-models-for-cnc-machine?ref=similar_items-23&pro=1&frs=1

I also have a small CNC and have bought a number of stl files for carving some day but I haven’t gotten around to doing any of them yet. I have used the render pictures from them for lasering though. I much prefer using the laser over the router.

The prep work for that burn was pretty much all done in Illustrator (but Inkscape would also work for the same procedures I used).

If you’d like more details about what I did to get this prepared for the burn let me know.

Here’s another burn I did a couple of days ago. This from an Alphonse Mucha picture off the net that I modified (again mostly with Illustrator).

Thx Jared. Any steps you can share would be appreciated.

Here’s a link to a pdf file placed my dropbox which shows the steps in Illustrator and the settings in Lightburn. Hopefully this will explain it all enough. I made it rather quickly but I think it covers everything.

dropbox link … https://www.dropbox.com/s/bqstr76ihf224rf/weaveface2tut.pdf?dl=0

You’ve certainly inspired me to give pictures a chance, instead of trying to vectorize absolutely everything!

( First two are from the awesome The White Lodge project by Greg Ruth )

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Nice Daniel. You’re getting some very good results.