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Images on tiles

Here are a couple of tiles I put images on with my Emblaser 1. These are gloss white 3" x 6" and 4" x 4" tiles that were lightly sprayed with Valspar flat white paint + primer. After the burn the untouched paint is removed with lacquer thinner leaving the “carmelized” burnt paint fused to the glaze. It’s very slightly raised and can’t be scratched off.
I created the images in Illustrator then saved them as BMPs  at 450 dpi. In Lightburn I used the same dpi and burnt them at 1350 mm/min and 70% power using the Stucki dither.

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Hi Jared,

great work. Very nice.

Is it possible that you give more detailed information about the typ of color (art. nr. for example).

I would like to see if I can also buy this color in Germany.



This is the paint I used … I think other brands of flat (or matte) white paint should also work. I had a few failures that had been coated too heavily or perhaps unevenly. Probably best to try smaller samples first.


Thank you Jared for this helpful information

Great work Jarred.

We have used tiles like this and removing paint to reveal the tile, but not tried your ‘baking on’ technique.

Thanks for sharing this.