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I think my lens may be burned

I have tried to cut 1/4" maple which I used to be able to do with my E2 and now it is impossible.   I switched to 3/16 red oak and was able to cut that  at 100% power and 4 passes.   A few days later I could not get completely through with 8 passes on the same piece of wood. I’ve light cleaned the lens but it didn’t help.  I’ve noticed what appears to be a spot on the lens when the laser is turned on and moved down about 10mm.  Also there is a faint line slightly off centered to the right. See attached picture.  I’ve been hesitant about doing a deep clean due to the fact that I have arthritis in my hands and shoulders making doing things like that somewhat interesting.   Does it look like lens burn?

Hi Mark, how did you go? find a fix? Otherwise I found I need to deep clean my laser every 3 weeks to stop it losing its cutting power.

Hi Timothy,

I opened a support ticket and Darkly Labs sent a new lens unit to me right away.  My old one was one of the first run two piece lens. When I took the old lens out, not only was the lens burned but there was some suspicious burning or soot on the mirrors. Domenic had me send back the lens unit so that they could inspect it.  As usual, Darkly Labs support was top notch.