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How to properly calibrate the laser?

I have a calibration problem because at the beginning everything was perfect as You can see on the picture.
With time my emblaser 2 started to cut shallower paths. I turned on the calibration mode and the result is on this 2nd card in the bottom.
What should I do now to recalibrate properly my machine?
I run out the calibration cards - any ideas what material I should use?



Hi Kacper,


I have been having similar problems with our EM2. Once you run out of cards you can use manilla folder material which is a similar colour to the Darkly supplied cards. White card does’t work, it seems to be too bright for the laser.

Have you cleaned the lens? I did a deep clean which made things a lot better but make sure the lens is located properly so that the little screw engages in the slot in the lens carrier.


Helllo once again.
Yes, I have cleaned the lens before checking the optics calibration (result is on the 2nd card on the picture after cleaning).
Can You show me which screw do you mean? I’ll try to make sure is the lens correctly located.
One more question: If I’ll change focus distance in Settings/Machine/Tool Offset might it be better? Maybe I could make things worse.
I’m a little bit noobie so I want to ask smarter people before I’ll do something.



You need to check out the instructions in this document: