How to be sure my material is safe to cut?

I’d like to cut some thin sheets of encapsulant material (EVA or PVB) so I can easily reproduce exactly the same size cut sheet each time. But I want to make sure these materials are ok to cut. The first is Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (used to encapsulate solar panels), which I’ve seen people cut when it’s in foam form, so hopefully ok. The second is polyvinyl butyral (used as a clear bond between layers of window glass). Both of these have “vinyl” in the name, but I’m not a chemist, so how can I be sure these materials are safe to cut?

It’s always best to get a Materials Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) from your supplier for any material you are unsure about.

Based on a quick search of these materials it appears ethylene-vinyl acetate is listed as a “popular alternative to polyvinyl chloride because it does not contain chlorine”.

Polyvinyl butyral was a little tricker to find helpful info on, however if it is clear a diode based laser like the Emblaser will not be able to cut it.

Hopefully you can get a MSDS which will list any dangers with heating/burning, specifically around the release of toxic fumes.

If anyone has direct experience with either material it would be great to hear your thoughts!


Got it, thanks Lliam.