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How get the camera working on Lightburn

Hello Community,

can you help me in get working the camera through the lightburn software.

I’d love to put a drawing inside the machine and reproduce it on a piece of wood.




Despite the exciting yet annoying teaser videos on Facebook and Instagram, I don’t think this feature is working yet for us :frowning:

We will have a new version out, hopefully within a day or two, that makes the process of calibrating and aligning the camera much simpler. There is a new wizard that takes you through the lens adjustment captures, step by step, and includes images to help guide you.

Once the lens calibration is done, there is a new alignment wizard that makes the alignment process much simpler as well - it uses your Emblaser to produce markers in known locations, and then you simply click them in an on-screen image.

Darkly Labs has done user tests and given us a lot of feedback which we’ve used to improve the overall process, and today we believe we have finalized everything. It is now in Darkly’s hands for final testing.

Here’s a preview:


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Looking good!

The new LB version (7.0.2) has been released today.

The latest calibration wizards are now included under the Emblaser 2 menu.

We are working on some videos showing the calibration process, which will make things even easier.

How do we produce the calibration card? Is it something we can print out on a laser printer or maybe on the Emblaser??

The calibration circles image can be downloaded from this page in our documentation:


Print it actual size, without scaling, if possible, and mount it to something very flat and stiff, like foam-board or ply. Leave about 10mm of white space around the edges (more is fine, less can cause trouble, too much area can make it hard to place).

Here’s a direct link to the image: https://github.com/LightBurnSoftware/Documentation/blob/master/img/Camera/Calibration-Circles.png


Thanks - a few things I noticed when I just did this using the latest Lightburn firmware:

*  If you have ‘Cut selected Graphics’ turned on then start the calibration, you can’t actually get the laser head to move in the calibration wizard.

* You start in ‘Tools - Calibrate Camera lens’,and other documented steps are not the same as the built in wizard.

* “Get Chessboard” is not displayed in the camera control window so none of that can be performed.


Hi Timothy,

What version of LightBurn are you using.

Make sure you have the most recent version installed. There have been many tweaks recently.

The ‘chessboard’ requirement has been removed. This is not needed any more. Instead, LightBurn engraves a pattern onto a sheet of paper in your workspace to complete the calibration process.

We’ve been making a lot of changes to the camera setup to make it simpler and the documentation has been held while we’ve been doing the final tweaks to make sure we didn’t have to rewrite it all again. We’ll be updating the documentation shortly.