Honeycomb hold down pins

I was wondering if anyone has used any of the hold-down pins found on sites like Etsy and how they work when compared to the wooden ones that people are cutting. I haven’t found any really good designs for those cut from 2-3 mm plywood. Even adjusting the O.D. and taper, they still prove problematic on insertions and don’t hold all that tight.
I have included some URLs for the various types I have seen that are 3D printed. If anyone has tried some of the 3D printed ones in Darkly honeycomb work surface, I would like to hear you thoughts on what works and what doesn’t.


We make the laser-cut pins from our 2.5mm Eucalypt plywood and they work very well.

We will have to locate some files to test 3d printing and see whether they perform better.


We do not have a 2.5mm plywood here in the states. Most everything I can find is 3mm.

What I have done is add a slight radius to the edges of the peg “legs” and that makes insertion better, but they don’t seem to hold as well as I need on anchoring fixtures. For holding down warped or bowed sheets of materials, they are okay. But when I use them on fixturing where I’m loading and unloading parts they tend to work loose allowing the fixturing to move slightly, necessitating alignment of the fixture again.

I would be very interesting in hearing your report on the 3D printed hold-downs.

Also, any idea on when the new higher power lasing head will be available. I’m really anxious to try it, particularly on thicker materials.

I hope you and your Darkly Family are well, and your personal families as well.


We tried some 3d printed pins and the results were not good. They do not have the same holding friction as the wooden pegs and slide out very easily.
They also tended to stretch and distort the mesh once inserted.

Here are the .STL files if anyone wants to test and see whether they can improve the design.
Tray Holdown - V5.stl.zip (47.9 KB)