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Higher power diode on roadmap?

Is there anything in the roadmap for the EM2 to have a higher powered user-replaceable  diode laser?





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If it was possible, this would be awesome. I love my EM2, a higher powered laser would help with cutting so many more materials.



Just bumping this just in case something is in the works!!!

I am keen too for something more powerful within the E2 machine.

Have to admit I have been looking at other brands of machines in terms of ‘what’s next’ for my requirements.
Would love to stay with Darkly Labs though

Domenic, what’s next for Darkly Labs?

I see on the Facebook page Darkly Labs is teasing us with a different looking machine.
Hopefully some news soon as I’m close to buying another more powerful machine and would like to stay within the family

Is it time to give this another bump???

The short answer is that we are constantly working on improving the performance of our machines.

The longer answer is the following:

Laser power is only one of the factors associated with improving the performance of a laser cutter. Beam shape/size also plays a very important part. Basically the smaller we can focus the laser the more energy would be concentrated and the higher the performance.

Without turning this post into a boring science lesson, if there is no change to the laser power, but we could decrease the beam size from 0.2mm to 0.1mm, there would be a 4x improvement in performance. This would mean if it took 4 minutes to cut a project, that would come down to 1 minute.

At the moment, laser diode technology has reached a plateau with respect to output power. This has meant we have to achieve improvements through our optics. But it is difficult to improve something that is already very well optimised.

We are always testing and revising our optics model to try and extract better performance. This is something we will certainly make a major announcement on when he have an upgrade option.