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High power one pass VS Lower power multiple passes?

Another beginner question, but since these machines will be bought by beginners, I think it’s worth a discussion on:

High power one pass Vs Lower power multiple passes.

What’s the advantages of one way or another? And what difference does it make to the materials (melting, charring etc)

Thanks people.
Loving the helpful forum environment from the regulars and also the fast support from Domenic and team.

Cheers, Tom.

Im strill working this out too…



using 3w emblaser1

I manily use 3mm ply and I find sometimes 13 passes @ 7mm/sec cuts through enough for it to work.

However sometimes I take the ply out and there a patches where the laser has not penetrated due to the wood itself (knots/ glue/ resin etc)


If i go at 4mm/sec I can usually cut right through in 5-6 passes if its a simple shape. but again more complex shapes tend to need more.


From 4mm/sec and less there is noticably thicker charred lines which air current can help reduce.

From 5mm/sec and above the lines are generally quite clear and clean.


My final conclusion for my diode and machine is to really spend lots of time focusing that laser in - use magnets to hold the ply flat - and i go at 100%power 4.5mm/sec with 8 passes. generally this works pretty well for me.


A lot can depend on wood though - i have some 1.5mm ply and its harder to cut because of the glue etc…





Hope this rambling helped !