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Help us test a new calibration process

We have developed a new process to calibrate the Emblaser 2 laser height for best focus. The new method makes it a lot easier to determine the most appropriate calibration value.

Before we officially release it and update our user manual, we would like our current customers to test the process and give us feedback.


The Overall Process:

The gcode calibration file will engrave a line from left to right. This line will be thick at the ends and become thinner towards the middle.

There will then be a series of vertical lines and numbers engraved.

Choose the value that corresponds with where the horizontal line is the thinnest.

This is then entered into Laserweb/Machine/Tool-Offset field.


How to test:

1: Place a sheet of white copy paper OR non-white paper in the centre of the workspace on top of the cutting mats.

(Please note that this process works better with non-white paper)

2: Download the gcode file that matches the color of paper you are testing with:

Calibrate (white paper)

Calibrate (non-white paper)

3: Examine the result and enter the appropriate value into Laserweb.



Please let us know how the process works.

Hi Domenic,


Thank you for your previous replies!


Tried this one on white paper.


A little harder to read the result (eyesight).


Seems to confirm that 3mm offset is the best.


The thinnest patch extended from 3 to 4.  does that mean 3, or try 3.5?

HI, I prefer the original - easier to see the differences

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HI Tom,

What type of paper did you run the test on?

What made it more difficult to read?


I used white photocopy/printer paper.

With this new pattern, there’s too many flappy rectangles that are cut on three sides. So lots of pieces need to be flat to see the horizontal cut better.

Maybe it would be a good compromise to have both in the one gcode

Do the vertical cuts need to cross the horizontal one?

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Thank you for the feedback.

This new calibration process is designed to be used with non-white card, where it doesn’t cut through, but rather leaves a clear engraving behind.

We will review the approach and post any new files for testing.


The instructions above say copy paper.

Revised Calibration Test

How to test:

1: Place a sheet of copy paper or coloured card in the centre of the workspace on top of the cutting mats.

(Note; slightly coloured card, such as a manilla folder, works best)

2: Download the gcode file and run it on your Emblaser 2.


3: Choose the result where the lines are at their thinnest and enter the appropriate value:

Laserweb / Settings / Machine / Tool Offset



Feedback welcomed

This one works well. The vertical lines are still the most obvious way to pick the Offset number