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Help! Emblaser 2 Making Grinding Noises!

Hi all,

I was printing this file running 3 passes at 300mm/min and all was fine for the semicircles and rectangle strips on the left in the photo below, but when it started doing the quadrants on the right, something started making a very loud vibrating/grinding sound and the cut became jittery/blotchy - probably because of the vibrations (as you can see below). It is perfectly fine when we just manually jog it in all x, y and z directions but once we run a file to print, the grinding starts again. I think it is coming from the motor in top left corner, (corner underneath the hinge) because most of the sound and vibrating seemed to come from there.

Please see the video in the link below to see the problem - if someone has a solution please help!!!





Hi Emily,

That is the air assist making the noise/vibrations. Very common.
You can reduce the noise by adding something to dampen the vibrations between parts of the machine. First check that the air assist bracket is attached tightly to the cross brace. Placing some rubber or silicon between that cross brace and the orange brace immediately above it near the air assist will reduce some noise. 
To find out where any other vibration noise is coming from try pressing firmly, but gently, on the outside machine in different places while a job is running to see if the noise stops.

It is also good to check if the air assist nozzle is unblocked by running it manually using the code M09 (M08 will turn it back off) in the console and pushing a pin/needle through the hole in the nozzle. See the maintenance instructions for more detail.


Mine started to make that noise too, as Jeremy says it was the air assist, however if it is like mine it is a sign that the compressor is about to die…  At that point the noise will stop at least.


Easy to confirm - run a job but turn the air assist setting off, if the noise stops it is a sick compressor and you can ask for a new one. (Trick to avoid it is to clean the nozzle frequently)

Is it really a sick compressor? I have just installed my air assist system today. It’s VERY loud and my whole desktop start vibrating…

Thanks for the responses everyone! It was indeed my air assist - I ran a job without it and there was no noise/vibrating - I found that the air assist module was vibrating a lot and hitting the orange brace immediately below it and I have stuck some foam on top of it now

BUT I now have a new problem - I can’t connect to my emblaser (so I dont even know if the foam is doing the job yet) - ive plugged the usb in but its not showing up at all! I can’t update any firmware or even repair the disk because it doesnt show up at all! Sort of off topic but please help!

Thanks in advance!

The SD card may be corrupt. I suggest you lodge a request we darkly labs and they’ll sort it out for you.
You can confirm it is corrupt by removing it from the circuitboard and plugging it directly into your comouter. If you have a spare Mirco SD of the same spec you could load up the latest SD card contents into it and plug it into your E2 and it should work.