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HDF Puzzle Elephant

Made this Elephant Puzzle of 3mm HDF (HDF is supposed to be non toxic as it is made by compressing wood fibers mechanically and no binders like urea formaldehyde are used)

Had to make two sets (mirrored) to get it to 6mm thickness.

The puzzle fits in smoothly and nice and snug

HDF cuts evenly and can get a very fine cuts (the kerf is quite small)

Cut Settings : 400mm/min ; 100% power ; 8 passes

Engraving Settings : 400mm/min ; 60% power ; 2 passes





We will have to look more into HDF. Where did you purchase yours from?

I purchased the HDF when I was in Spain (a town called Vinaros from the local hardware store). It is sold under the name EUCABOARD.

I had a small piece which I tried out first. It also available easily in Mumbai at local plywood stores (but known as hardboard)

It can also be purchased from amazon - search for Hardboard Masonite (usually used by artists as a panel for painting)

Note that one face is smooth whereas the other face has a criss-cross texture to it and it is a bit more denser than MDF.



and thanks for the inspiring work!

What wattage was the laser set at?

Someone. is that board the same as Masonite?



It appears that Joel, in the message prior to yours, has identified the material as masonite. I’m impressed that the Emblaser can cut such dense material, although I see that it is an 8 pass cut at such a high speed.

Hi Mike,

I used the 4watt laser unit set at max current (3Amps)

This material is same as Masonite.



Any chance can get the design files or a link to them

Hi Glenn… what’s your email ID…can mail it to you.