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Handy use for workspace camera in the meantime

Whike we are waiting still for the workspace camera to be enabled for workspace placement, i thought may as well make use of it to remotely watch job progress.

To avoid having to literally burn time sitting babysitting a cut in progress and to be able to do other things such as work in the yard is a big thing so I went hunting for remote camera software and came across yawcam (stands for yet another webcam).

a super easy, simple piece of software that allows you to stream your E2 camera to the internet and login with an ip address either on wifi or on cellular.

this thing is great (not affiliated in any way by the way) and can now watch the progress of my jobs in progress while digging a trenchin the back yard or sipping a beer in the pool.

simply create a shortcut for it on you phone homescreen and presto,

here is a screenshot with ip address blurred out but hey i could have left it there and anyone could watch my cuts. Lol



I will look into this.
I’ve been using an old iPhone as a baby monitor and an app called iSitter. But it’s a bit glitchy

You gotta try this out Tom B, I can work in the yard or even quick drive down the road to pick up the kid with the live stream on my phone the whole time keeping an eye on it.
I used to have my GoPro pointed at e2 and use the wifi direct to GoPro to watch but that limited me to the distanece from go pro, with this webcam software I can even go to the neighbors for a beer and still keep an eye on running job, can’t argue with that :slight_smile:

How do you find out what your E2’s camera IP address is?

Connect your e2 camera in the setting for yawcam and enable streaming, it will show you an ip adddress then to log into

The whole point to watch the laser cutter is to minimize the chance of burning down your house. So unless you can also remotely power off the system and put out a fire then it seems kinda pointless.
Sorry I don’t mean to sound like a downer but you should always still be prepared for the worst.

You missed the point adam, now i can watch the laser from the couch while watching a movie or even while having a beer in the pool instead of sitting like an fool next to laser or having to get up every time the air assist makes a different noise on a 4 hr cur and engrave job