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Gun Grip

My buddy’s father passed along to him an old 1970’s .25cal purse pistol.  Not that I would want to have it used on me, but for self defense its pretty useless.  He asked me to make him grips for it since they were broken and I was able to fix them enough to get an outline and create 3D models. I added the punisher logo to give it some “tough guy attitude street cred”, then to make it even more silly I painted it with daytime clear high glow paint (yes, this was meant to be a silly goof project, mainly to get something to test the fit).  To get the screw counterbore correct I ran a few tests and found the speeds that gave an even 1mm deep material removal. For the checkering I ran the laser at material height, then +2mm and then +4mm so the beam would be wider and give it a more stepped feel like real checkering, otherwise it was just tiny beam with lines.  The wood was poplar, approx 4mm thick. To clean out the burnt material I tried something different this time, pumice powder and a tooth brush - amazingly fast and great results!

Anyone ever try to take a picture in the dark??? That took more time then it took the EM2 to cut it!

That looks great.

I’ll have to locate some pumice powder and test it. Is it completely a dry process?

Yes, it is a dry process, a little bit of powder goes a long way.  Could probably reuse it, but it was cheap enough and I’ve had the boxes for years.