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Glass Engraving with Emblaser 1

Truly couldn’t be easier than using the Emblaser and Lightburn


Image 200 x 300 greyscale, enhanced tone and shading 282dpi

Lightburn Setting

Layers pallet Select Jarvis

25mm/sec @ 30% power

Alien Head approx 3:35min

Yoda approx, 2:15min

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Wow. Stunning!

Thanks Domenic, I think I even surprised myself with the results

Neat stuff!

Did you prepare the surface in any way? or was the glass resting on a specific material?

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Daniel, I applied 2 light coats flat matt spray paint then invert image before importing into Lightburn.

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The result is really fantastic.

One more question: What colour did you use? Normal acrylic paint, black, white, or rubber spray?

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Hi Salvi, just use standard solvent based flat black. strong odour and dust. Local supplier has just started getting Water based Acrylics so will give them a go. Color depends on the image although I do prefer black

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Very nice. Is the glass actually etched or just the paint burnt away?

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Thanks Graham, I’ll have to try this out on my Emblaser 2.

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 Hi Jared, The glass becomes etched as the paint heats and creates tiny frosting effect