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Getting Close. Any News?

Getting close to release. Any news? Can’t wait to get my machine.



Hi Brook,

We are preparing for an update shortly. We have some new videos/photos of the E2 and are working on some more videos on cutting and using the E2. They are all looking great.

At the moment we are sorting some late arriving parts from overseas which potentially could hold up production. This time of the year is slightly unpredictable and it looks like we have one of our sea shipments caught up in it.

We are working on it and will make an announcement once we have it either resolved or exhausted all our avenues.

Thanks for your patience!

Any updates?

We have just posed an update to customers advising the current status and of a short delay.

Read the update here: http://eepurl.com/crD3Sz


Disappointing but not unexpected considering everything that is involved. I guess on the bright side it gives me the opportunity to save a few more nickles and add the fume extractor to my current order.

Thanks for the update Domenic.



Disapointing indeed. Hoped to get my business generating income sooner than that. But yes it’s not so surprising given it’s still re-order. Was obviouse december wasn’t going to happen. Just a bit bumbed by the early feb result. 

Although naturally I would like everything straight away, I’ve been in the design business long enough to understand the dependency on other suppliers, and also the problems involved with developing new products - particularly when they’re innovative and ‘cutting-edge’. it’s neither simple, nor straight-forward (look at Glowforge for instance, that have put off their delivery dates for a very significant time - and countless others - some for very valid reasons - others less so)

I’m quite happy to wait for a few weeks (a couple of months) longer in order for it to be ‘right’ - so thank you - and keep plugging at it (and have a good Christmas when we all get that far…)

Still enjoying Emblazer 1…



It looks amazing in the video! The extra tech over the Emblaser 1 is amazing and well worth the wait.

 I cancelled my Glowforge order that I’d put in in September 2015 when the scheduled December 2015 delivery kept getting pushed back, and I read today that the promised December 2016 delivery has now become July 2017, so a 2 month delay is nothing in comparison to that  almost  1,5 year one! 

Just looking at the video again, now it has a Z axis, the possibility of being able to swap the laser head  for a CNC router attachment would be pretty awesome! 

Thanks for the positive replies.

We will keep the updates coming as more news is available.

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As others have said, disappointing, but totally good with it because it means a better product (that and sh*t happens.).

I was planning on using this for some very work related things as well, so I am curious if the darkly team would offer a discount on an Emblaser 1 to tide me over and help get some things ironed out until I get my 2.  I figure its worth asking.   Appreciate it!!  

Sorry to here. Here’s hoping a quicker resolution. Hard enough to explain the purchase to the other half, now I have to explain its been delayed…  Was hoping for a nice xmas surprise.

Good luck and a speedy resolution.

If you need I hand I need a temp job.


Brendan, we have just started offering a 15% discount on Emblaser 1 A4 kits.

Hopefully that may be something that helps you in the meantime.

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Thanks Domenic.  Thats definitely something to think about.  You may see an order from me for that too!

Anything new on the schedule for new release date?

Would be curious about what actually happened regarding the shipment of injection moulded parts. Also wondering why you didn’t do that in Australia?

Hi Brooke,

Things on track. Shipment arriving as expected Mid Jan.

Optics issues resolved and awaiting revised lenses.

We will be posting a new update shortly, but our cutting results are very promising, cutting 3mm plywood in a single pass. This has been one of the milestones we were aiming for with the E2. Previously on the E1 this would take 3-4 passes and sometimes more with different grades of plywood.

Good to hear!

Wow, that is a big step up!   That begs the question - can it cut thicker ply? My emblaser 1 cuts 3mm ply in 3 passes as you say, but it won’t quite cut through 4mm ply no matter how many passes I try. I’m guessing that this is a focal point issue - will the Emblaser 2 have the same focal limit?

Its not an issue for me personally, especially since its looking like I can now cut 2 x  3mm ply copies and laminate them with just one cutting  pass  for each copy, rather than the current 6 passes for both copies as it takes me now, …I was just wondering.

Yes it will cut more. As said Their entry will probably come first and replace the Emblaser2 as the design prototype machine when I grow into the monster.

The real expensive one has two lasers. one is a Fibre laser (not clear on the details of that) and the other C02 laser, I think that one is about 45watts. The cutting area is 101cm x 71 cm which will help with manufacture. Still plans will likely change as I learn and develop. The $16k one contains just the C02 about the same power with a smaller cutting area. So that might be all I need. The thing about the larger one is the Fibre laser can gut and engrave harder materials and the unit has an optional bracket to hold, rotate and engrave on cylinders. These are things that my partner would want to use, since she plans on joining the business down the track it might be worth while having the options.

Needless to say, Darkly Labs makes it possible to start business without huge capital cost.

As a hobbyist, using the Emblaser for architectural models, theres no way I could justify the 16K price tag of an Epilaser etc. Thats the beauty of the Emblaser, for me and other hobbyists, there really isn;t anything like it on the market ( that I have found.) Everyone seems to be trying to build 3D printers…

Great news .

I looked at the Stepcraft for CNC & its promised laser, but the cost of all the addons makes it  very expensive in AU, better with this and an Aussie  XYZ Carve as separate devices. Support local