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General - Cut Height Issue

Hi, Ok so I have the new E2 going. But with some trial and error I realised an issue I have. I’ll go through in order.

First the calibration GCode worked great and I set the offset as per instruction.

I followed that with setting the offset of the matt to 10mm… this being the issue.

After some googling to no effect and staring at settings and the screen. I suspected the svg for a while I realised that the 10mm is actually 10cm. Was staring at me. Will attach a screenshot bellow of that glaring clue.

I changed it to 1mm with 1.5mm offset for the focus and it works. The GCode states it is 11.5 (1.5 offset) Perfect. Seems the interface is at fault or the code reading the input is. 

because of all this I would like to know. I cut a sheet of paper at a slowish speed. I had no idea where to start with that. I since see the calibration GCode running at 1000mm/m So I will give that A shot next. Anyway, it cut into the mat. Not deep and left significant residue. I am assuming this is normal. But just wanted to check. If I rub the area with my finger it clears off but I can tell it has articulated it slightly.


First. Ok. Not sure what’s going on. I suspect the 1 is 1mm, i.e. it is already adjusting for the 10mm mat.

Second. Two strange things have started to happen.

A. The laser carriage has stopped lowering down to the work at all. Tried the tutorial “LaserWeb Tutorial - Logo Engrave” and checked with the Z jog to make sure it wasn’t stuck or something; it moves. All the settings match the tutorial images; this includes the jog data at the top. The laser carriage is waiting X left (0mm) / Y top (300mm) / Z top (50mm). Feeling a bit lost and confused. Doesn’t seem to be a pattern or logic…

B. Sometimes the laser creeps really, really slowly over to the start of the job. Can’t see a pattern to this.

… And what is the green thing on the X axis rail?

Hmm I’m getting NaN (NaNmm) instead of the actual value. I tried editing this in a text editor but upon loading the file it appears to have reverted back to NaN… So something isn’t right. I did a little reading and NaN seems to stand for Not-a-Number…

And I’ve been meaning to ask. What does “Invalid Statement” mean. I get that after it gives me green on connect and green on firmware.

Hi Brook,



Not trying to be too basic, but you have a few issues you are asking about, so to understand your problem can I just run through what I did to set up the emblaser, and the results so you can compare them to yours?

Calibration test - mine cut cleanly through at the 2,5 line, so I entered that into the machine setings tool offset field.

From  then, whenever I want to use the laser, I first  I measure the thickness of the material, add 10mm to allow for the mat thickness and put the result into the start height field in the CAM section of laserweb. Eg, if I am cutting 1.8 mm ply, I put 11.8mm into the Start height field.

Once the gcode has been generated by clicking the gcode button, if you open it up using the blue ‘view generated gcode’ button, you should see the  following near the top of the file:

; Pass Z Height 14.3mm (Offset: 2.5mm) G0 Z14.30

Where the G0 value should equal mat thickness (ie 10) + material thickness + the offset
 that you entered. 
In my example above the material thickness is 1.8mm, so with my
2.5mm offset and 10mm thick mat, I get 14.3mm.

Also personally, I've changed the default units to mm/sec rather than mm/min.
(In settings -\> Application)
 I can visualize the laser moving say 25mm in a second, but its equivalent of 1500mm
 in a minute is hard for me to picture and I then have trouble working out a sensible
 initial cutting  speed using those units.

Hope that this helps in some way, I did find laserweb not very friendly at first,
 coming from Vectorcut with the Emblaser 1 but its getting easier with use!

Sorry about the rubbish font and formatting, but once I'd pasted in those
 gcode settings, it all went crazy!

Finally, if it not commercially sensitive, maybe you could post up the
svg file or the resulting gcode you are having issues with so we can get a better idea
of what is happenning?


Chris J.

Thanks for your input. Yea that’s exactly what I did to start with. But it refused to render the Gcode where it should be as seen with the loaded calibration Gcode. Changing the default start height to 1 instead of 10 (I’m assuming that the field is actually in cm and not mm). This value was being written into the Gcode as 100mm which is where it finally dawned on me. Changing it to 1 set it to 10mm in the Gcode. All was good cutting some paper. But now that I’m trying to do other things other than paper, the tutorial for example, the machine refuses to lower down and the Gcode is showing NaN instead. Yes there has been many reboots of devices and software and fresh setups of jobs etc. Seems to work one off after E2 has been unplugged for a few minutes. Incidentally it looses it’s IP address at this time as well. Bit tired now. Tomorrow I’ll look to see where the Firmware is at. Presumably that has been updated. Software too.


1: Please remove the green clip on the horizontal rail. This is a new protective clip for shipping. It has not made it to the latest released user manual yet.

2: The slow creeping is a bug which we have reported to Laserweb developers. When it happens a quick workaround is to enter the following command into the console window and then press ‘shift-enter’ to execute the command:


3: Do not put a value in your default starting height. Leave it blank or set it to zero. It is better to specify your starting height in the operation based on the thickness of material you are using.

4: What value did you enter in your tool-offset after the calibration?

5: To better access what your problems are, please save out your workspace and email it to us to check. info@darklylabs.com

6: You do not need to update your firmware. You have the current version.

7: All measurements should be mm. We will need to see why you are experiencing this as it has not been reported by any other customer yet.

8: Please confirm you have downloaded and are using the latest released version of Laserweb from our Help Centre

9: Please ensure you have ‘applied’ the Emblaser2 machine profile. It would not hurt to re-apply it to get you back to a default starting point.

10: We can support you better and more effectively if you raise a support request.


Hey Dominic,

  1. I came to the conclusion the green clip was shipping but needed to check.

  2. OK

  3. OK; Got the same results.

  4. I entered 1.5 as per calibration result.

  5. Ok will do that. I’ll send a copy of my Gcode as well since issue might arise there. In fact I have an example of both issues (NaN and the exaggerated start height.)

  6. OK.

  7. Yea it definitely is weird. If it persists in newer version of the software i’ll let you know.

  8. Ok I have v4.0.42 Will update after I grab that data for you.

9. I have been trying that. Reset the Machine Profile and then starting a fresh workspace. Doesn’t appear to change anything.

  1. OK Sorry for the flood of posts. Just think it can be helpful to others to have access to info about issues like this. Many times in the past I have solved issues by coming across odd-ball issue discussions like this. Sometime it just helps by narrowing down and identifying an issue that might seem very inconsistent, which makes it hard to google for.

By the way I love the machine, you have done a great job on design and production so far. 

So while generating the gcode to send to you I noticed that a value of 16 returns an actual number in the Gcode… the wrong one (161.5mm) made up of 10mm mat + 6mm material + 1.5 calibration offset. This rendered as per the image attached above. But if I try to counter this by assuming 16mm is being calculated as 16cm and enter 1.6 I get NaN in the Gcode.

And the penny dropped.

I see what’s causing the NaN result… Helps to not have to fend off the kid while trying to solve issues. The NaN is caused by the Start Height field NOT having a round number. The decimal place is causing it. This has showed up for me because I am scaling down my value because of the other issue. Will send examples.

Consider it food for thought. Version 4.0.48 appears to fix both the issues. Not tested it with a cut yet.

Ok cuts perfectly now.

This is my Business logo by the way. So no appropriating.

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Looks great. Well done!