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G7 Lens

Is there a G7 Lens available to buy from Darkly Labs as apposed to purchasing from Ebay. I have read that this leans may produce faster cut times than the one that originally is supplied with machine?

Thanks in advance for any information provided as my cut times are way too long for simply 3mm plywood.

Hi Julie,

We do not offer this lens.

You can try DTR Laser Shop as well:



That’s great thank you, will give them a try.

Which of the 6 lenses listed on that page will upgrade the machine? None of them say “G7” on them.

Hi Blake,

All the lenses will fit the Emblaser laser module, but they have different parameter.

These are intended for experimentation and there is no one clear winner over another. For instance, one lens will give you a tighter spot size over another but at a loss of laser power passing through the lens.