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G2 Glass lens - Thoughts?

Hi All,

Sorry another post from me again.

Has anyone used this lens as considering taking the plunge and getting one but just want to understand if it does provide such a significent power increase.



Hi Daniel,

The G2 lens has benefits and drawbacks.

The benefits are that it focuses closer to the laser diode itself and hence captures more of the divergent laser light from the diode. It is also a single element lens which is more efficient, hence more laser power is passed through.

The drawback is that it does not focus the beam as well as the 3EG lens.

These benefits and drawbacks tend to cancel themselves out.

We suggest this lens as a good way to experiment with your cutting performance. You may find a benefit with certain materials where you do not need such a fine kerf, for instance.


Thanks Domenic,

I’ll pick one up and conduct some experiements!