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Fume Filtration System Manual?

I received my Emblaser 2 several weeks ago but haven’t been able to set it up until now and have a couple questions related to the Fume Filtration System.

Is there a manual for the Fume Filtration System? I haven’t been able to find it and would like to know how to properly change the filter when the time comes.

Can someone post a photo of how the exhaust hose connects to the opening on the Fume Filtration System? My hose keeps popping out so I’m wondering if I’m missing something. 



Hi Alia,

We have a fume filtration manual that is about to be released The manual from the supplier was too generic for our use and led to confusion.

In the meantime, here are two videos which should help:

Installing the Tray: https://vimeo.com/229199723

Replacing the filter: https://vimeo.com/229200018

Thanks Domenic. That’s exactly what I was looking for.

Unfortunately the coupler piece for the hose is too large to be wedged into the opening of the Fume Filtration System. I’ll have to find something else to work or use duct tape if all else fails.



Can you send me a pic of this?

In the photo of the receiving end the opening has 2 notches. I thought perhaps the coupler piece needed to snap into it somehow and that I maybe had the wrong part until I watched the video. Then I tried to push it in but it just sits on top of the lip inside and can’t go any further. I could just be having an off day but I’ve tried it many times and it seems like the size is off.

Can you please measure the size of the coupler piece and check against the photo I have attached?

It looks like it’s just slightly more than 55mm. So maybe the receiving end is the issue? I’ve tried so many times to push the coupler piece in but it just won’t go. 

I also made the mistake of unlatching the Fume Filtration system to take a look at the filter (after watching the video on how to change it) and now I can’t get that thing put back together (I had someone try to help me with it as well). I don’t know who put mine together but they must have super human strength because it feels like it’s impossible to push the top portion to get it aligned again. I think the metal piece at the front sticks out too far and is getting in the way.

Just so this doesn’t come off as overly negative I’m really loving the Emblaser 2 machine so far and I still love my Emblaser 1 which I put together myself without issue – it’s just this Fume Filtration System that is giving me so much trouble.