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Fume Extractor

I am planning out my E2 laser area and was wondering what are the approximate dimensions of the fume extract including the various pieces?



Hi Mark,


The Dimensions are L250mm x W250mm x H290mm

The hose connection protrudes 70mm from the front.

The hose is 1.5meters long.

Hope that helps,


That is exactly what I needed. Thanks Domenic.


I have a question about the fume extractor. What is the diameter of the port/hose. Am I restricted to the length of the provided hose? The location of my laser unit is going to be around 6-10 feet from the exhaust outlet in the side of my house.

Hi David,

The hose is 50mm outer diameter.

The hose provided is 1.5m (approx 5 feet) in length. Around 6 feet should not be a problem but the longer you make it the less effective it will be.

I can’t give you a definite answer on the performance at 10 feet as you will have to try it in your setup.

Thanks Domenic. I guess I will find out.