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Fume extractor main filter

I’ve had my E2 up and running since July and as of tonight has 22 hours run time.  The fume extractor has a comparable run time. About a week ago smoke started coming out of the extractor.  I’ve checked all the connections and cleaned the washable filter twice and made sure it was all together correctly.  The only wood used has been 1/4 balsa, 1/8 baltic birch ply, 1/4 hard maple and cherry. Any ideas on what it could be or is the main filter shot already in this short amount of time?

I appreciate any thoughts or ideas.


You should put in a support request about this.

But, I suspect the filter is dead.
I abandoned the expensive filtration unit not long after starting with my E2 after similar problems.
I don’t have anything good to say about it.

I run a long exhaust hose out of my garage roller door now.

I wouldn’t recommend anyone use an E2 in a home or office.