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Fruit Bowls

Hi All,

 Thought I would post a couple of jobs I did to use up some of my scrap 2.5mm balsa ply…

Bowl measures 260 mm X 100 mm . 

The second bowl has the feet but is basicall the same bowl.




PDF: https://ln.sync.com/dl/e49f792a0/qbq3bit3-wi3qh8zi-33qj4ues-nee8y9u8

LightBurn: https://cp.sync.com/dl/d6e179e10/rvsaen9n-2zkryynk-jy7xarut-n2fxh7sv

Notes: The LightBurn file is set up for my machine and the ply sits on top of 10 mm rod magnets so the support height is set fo 13 mm Users will need to adjust this setting.

Hi John

good idea and nice work



They look great John.

Where did you find this design, or did you create it from scratch?

Hi Domenic,

I created the design from scratch using Corel draw saved as a PDF and imported into Lightburn.

The bottom ring fits inside the top ring and is cut from  piece of ply.

I wanted to use up the scraps of ply I had accumulated over the months

I am happy to upload the design if anyone wants it.


If you email me the file, I’ll post it to this discussion.



Thanks for sharing the files John.

I have added links to your original post.