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Font size inconsistency


I have 2 words created separately using the same font but the sizes are not consistent.  I wrote the first word and it was huge but the size said 25 and I carried it down to 7.50.

When I created the second one the size was still at 7.50 but this one was tiny, so I had to bring it up to 25.

Not too sure what is going on here!!

Also, does the number indicate the height in mm?




Most likely you created the first, then dragged it to the size you wanted instead of changing the text height.

Objects in LightBurn, like text, rectangles, and ellipses, have size properties, but they can also have scale applied. When you create text, it has a height, but when you drag-scale it, you’re not changing that height, you’re changing the scale applied to the object.  I’m improving this for the next release to solve a different problem, but it will help with this too.