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First Experience - EM2

Wow, got mine unpacked, setup and working.


  1. Must do the calibration - Everything works far better.

  2. Use the latest upstream version of LaserWeb4 - The version on darly sight would not work with the material database, latest

version works like champ.

  1. Should simplify the install of the air assist. I did it, but routing of hose is not clear, and removing the electronics was 

stressful but easy.

  1. Need a way of testing air assist - GCODE?


My first “Keeper” 



Converted a cdr to a vector, and cut it. First try.


Now just need to have a nice cart for the em2.

At first the learning curve seems steep, but as you get into it and slowly add new knowledge and practice it is a good machine

I have not needed to go into the GCode for any reason, but regarding testing the air assist, if you mean where it is directed, other’s have sprinkled powder or similar on the job to see where it gets blown.

I use air assist for all MDF and Ply. Don’t recommend it for Balsa (fire)
And I am guessing it would blow paper or light card all over the place