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First attempt at Marquetry

I was wondering how the emblaser could help with marquetry, the venner is New Guinea Rosewood burl, the pale inlay is elm or similar. This is  a first attempt, just to see how the emblaser performs, and I’m impressed!

Hi Chris,

Happy to see someone else working with veneer.

I offer a suggestion to eliminate ant discrepency in the fit of the two veneers.  I place two sheets of veneer on top of one another and make sure they are lying flat on the bed of the sacrificial sheet. Then when I cut though the two sheets at the same time the laser  cuts  the inside and outside of the shape. This eliminates any movement of the laser head and placement of the sheet when putting the second sheet into the laser. It does mean some waste of veneer but the uncut part of the inlaid sheet can be used for smaller projects.


Great work Chris.

We have been seeing a lot of interest in marquetry lately.

Thanks for sharing!


Okay, here’s my second attempt. Its Huon pine background, inlay is various coloured timber. I’m  till learning how timber veneer behaves when hit with a laser, some of it arches up if not taped down and either splits or else jams the shield up and everything goes bad, I’m 90% happy with this, and what I’ve learned will make the next try a lot better, but just wanteed to post thsi to show that like any other tool, there is a mastering process to go through!



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Well done Chris.

It looks amazing. Everything looks like it fits perfectly.


Hi Chris,

If you are still colliding with the veneer, build a vacuum table or just a small one the size of a chocolate box.

That what I use to hold my veneers down.

I’ve put details elsewhere in the forums old and new.