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Fire Safety

I recently had a fire with the emblaser cause unknown. I don’t want in anyway lay blame on the emblaser. That is really not the point, it was the response and caring from the Darkly team that has left me astounded. First the fire was only big enough to ruin the emblaser and my pride.

I have been having issues focusing and had an open ticket to which I attached a picture of the non functioning machine and a short description of the events leading up to the fire. Which in brief, amounted to the fact that I left it running to put my son down for a nap after running the same pattern I have burned several times in the past. I don’t think I was gone more then 5-10 mins.  I closed by stating you can close the ticket as I will obviously not be cutting anything with this.

Their response was amazing, they whole heartedly hoped no one was injured and nothing lost in the event. At no point did they say well that was user error our product is completely safe you obviously screwed up. In fact at no point did they ever mention fault. I say this because I am completely unsure as to what went wrong. As well as waiting to again emphasize there first and only response was “are you and everyone ok, how can we help.” 

Thank you Dominic and thank you to your team for being amazing people first.  I will be getting another Emblaser maybe even the Emblaser 2 as the fire safety system on it definitely is a feature I want.


Hi Derrick,

Thank you for the kind words.

Fire safety is something that should always be in the back of our minds when using a laser cutter. It’s the unpredictable events and situations which stack together to cause something like this. We always recommend keeping a fire blanket handy ‘just in case’. Our lab has them all over the place in clear sight. Luckily we have never had to use one.

Thank you for sharing your story with the community and helping raise some extra awareness.