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Fire Protection

What would be best Fire blanket or Fireextinguisher or both ?

If fire extinguisher what type.



I would use a fire blanket. Any fire extinguisher used will put out the fire but may cause other issues with the mess it will make of your machine. 




Definitely dry chem fire extinguishers should not be used as the powder they emit is quite a challenge to clean up after.  A CO2 extinguisher would be better.  Best is probably a small Halotron (gas) fire extinguisher as "it emits a clean, easily removable substance that is not harmful to the mechanics or wiring of the laser system. "


The Halotron extinguishers are pricey.  If someone is monitoring the laser at all times it is operating then a wet/moist dish towel (or fire blanket) would probably be able to be used to quickly extinguish the flame.