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Finger joints in Cut2D

Does anyone have a good and easy way to create finger joints in Cut2d? I’ve used the boxmaker online programs but I want to try some new things and they are somewhat limited. I’ve started drawing them by hand in Cut2d but I was thinking there has to be a quicker and easier way.





There are some useful tools in Cut2D-L that will make this easy for you.

1: Start by using the 'Create Line / Polyline tool to draw out the required size and shape of the finger you require.


2: Duplicate the shape and move it above the first.


3: Use the ‘Mirror’ tool to flip the top shape both horizontally and vertically.


4: Use the array tool to duplicate the shapes as required.

In this example I have set it to 6 copies in the (X), selected ‘Gap’ for spacing and set the gap to zero.


5: Done!

Note, the array shapes may be all separate. You can join them by using the ‘Join open vectors’ tool.

Thanks Domenic that is what I was looking for.