Final dimensions inaccurate


I have a new Emblaser 2 10W. I’m generally very pleased with it, but I just noticed I am getting poor dimensional accuracy. I am using LightBurn to control it.

For example, I am cutting a piece of 4.75mm MDF, and I have a DXF file with a rectangle 294x222mm. It actually measures 293x221mm. I don’t think it’s kerf, as it is a very thin and clean cut.

I have another piece that should be 210mm, but is 208.5mm.

What should I expect? If there is a consistent error how do I characterise it and compensate for it?


Hi Ame,

Thanks for posting on the Darkly Labs Community site!

I recommend checking the accuracy on a thinner piece of material (<1.0mm) as the cut on thicker materials can actually be slightly tapered, which may be a exaggerating the difference noted.

If you are still experiencing any discrepancy (other than the kerf, which may be up to 0.5mm depending on the setting/material combination) please send some images displaying this, and the LightBurn file used, to so that we can look into this further.