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Filtration system

Having recently taken delivery of an E2, we are very impressed with its performance and packaging. The filtration system however is not up to par.

There is still a strong smell which I’m aware was listed on the store page, but it is stronger than you would expect.

The main issue is that after just a few weeks it is beeping to ask for a replacement filter. This seems way too soon, especially for $120. 

Can others comment on how well their filtration devices work?

Hi Michael,

There sounds like a couple of things going on here.

1: What sorts of materials have you been cutting with?

The filters are designed to remove visible fumes and most of the odour, but a lot of it comes down to the types of materials you are working with. Working with woods, papers, card etc are filtered well. Plastics tend to clog the filter faster and produce a stronger odour.

2: The filtration system should not be beeping. This sounds like something we need to address with respect to your unit.

Can you please raise a support ticket for this.


Thanks for the response.

  1. We have been cutting 250 GSM paper and 3mm plywood. One small job was cut using corflute.

  2. I am most of the way in working through the solutions for problem 2 in the filtration system manual. I will lodge a ticket soon.


We have spoken to our manufacturer and have some possible causes and solution to the alarm your are experiencing.

We can walk you through them from your support ticket.

I have the alarm beeping already after only a few hours of cutting 3mm mdf and good quality 3mm basswood ply.

Is that what it needs - a replacement filter already?

Do I need to put in a support request too?

Hi Tom,

We have found that our manufacturer has incorrectly disabled the filter warning alarm on the first batch or units we received. Since we have specifically changed the filtration mixture for our filters to be more suited for laser cutting, the alarm incorrectly detects a filter replacement needed when not tuned correctly.

The best approach is to completely disable the warning alarm. We are working on an article to post to our knowledge base at the moment. In the meantime, if you can raise a support request, I will forward you the steps through your ticket.


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