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File Access Problem

I have 2 Emblaser 1 - A3 machines using the latest version of Lightburn on identical PC’s. Since installing Lightburn I cannot open, save or import from the hard drive - but only on one PC. The other PC and Emblaser run beautifully. I have changed the PC for a new one out the box and reinstalled all drivers, firmware and software and have the exact same problem.
The minute I select open, save or import the screen greys out and sits for a while then I get the message Lightburn has stopped working.

Any suggestions please ?

Can you tell me more about the machines?  OS specifics for starters?  Do you get any additional information in the crash message that shows up?

Basic DELL OptiPlex 3020 PCs running Windows 7 Professional - 64 bit machines. I should say I have swapped the PCs over and the problem lives with the PC. I have reinstalled the software several times and in several locations to see if that affected the problem.

Windows 7 is quite old, but the framework we run on says it’s supported.  Are your systems up to date with Service packs and so on?

You could try installing and running the 32 bit version of LightBurn, as it’s a bit more self contained, and might resolve the issue for you, but I’d try checking Windows Update and making sure everything is current first.

The PCs I am using have been lying about a storeroom for a couple of years so I will update them as you have advised and try again. Thanks.

Updated Windows to current. Re installed software and problem persisted. Installed 32 bit software and problem disappeared. Everything operating perfectly now. Many thanks for your assistance.