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February is Getting Close....Any Updates?

Hello, and Happy (Belated) New Year!

It’s been quiet both here and on the main website. How are things looking for Emblaser 2?

The December update was projecting a February start to ship date.

Any more info on cutting capabilities?

I know you guys must be busy.

Thanks in advance,


We have been working on an official update but have not had a chance to complete it yet. Our team has been basically working around the clock to ensure the Emblaser 2 begins shipping in Feb.

Overall we have been moving very well. There are many things that come up as you move from manufacturing single machines to mass production. Our team has been working on this process for many weeks now to ensure our quality control procedures are all in place.

Here is an overview of the project:

  • All 2016 delayed deliveries have now arrived.

  • Parts out for powder-coating (painting) and laser-cutting are expected back into our warehouse within the next 2 weeks.

  • Incorrect lens issue has been resolved and bulk lens deliveries arriving within the next 2 weeks.

  • Pre-assembly has begun on various components.

  • Electronics certifications have been passed for Australia and USA (FCC). Europe (CE) is still in progress.

  • Packaging has been developed and is up for approval this week. This is critical to ensure your Emblaser 2 arrives undamaged to your doorstep.

  • Laserweb Software is nearing release. As previously, this is still lagging a little and we are working on having it ready in time.

  • User Manual and documentation is in progress.

  • Cutting and engraving results are being worked on but our time has been focused on ensuring Feb delivery. 

We have been receiving many emails and questions about when delivery will commence. At this point we are not able to provide specific information like this. As we move fully into mass production this information will be easier for us to answer. We hope you can understand.


Any update? It’s close to mid-feb now.