Eye Chart on Stainless Steel

After seeing the results people were getting engraving onto metals in this thread, we decided to try it ourselves.

This engraving was made on a piece of stainless steel using Spectrumark. This is a coating which when lasered, forms a permanent bond to certain metals. This is not like paint applied to the metal, but rather a permanent coating which cannot be scraped off.

The results are impressive and I’m also happy to say that after all these years of working with lasers, I can still read the big E.

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Looks great Domenic. 

That made me laugh more then i should have!


Can i ask where you get / got the ‘spectrumark’ laser paint? Ive been lookin for something like this for ages now… and would it work with my 3w unit?

Hi Josh,

We haven’t tested it on the E1 yet, let alone with the 3 watt laser unit. I will add it to our schedule and let you know the results.

We ordered Spectrumark locally but you can find a distributor close to where you are. Check here: www.spectrumark.com

We have emailed them today to see whether any other products could prove useful. I will post an update when we hear back.

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I ordered a small 25g bottle of Spectrumark concentrate from Pulse Laser Systems in Australia.  ($42 plus $9 postage)

They also stock a laserable ink but at the advertised price I will leave it for others to investigate.  :slight_smile:

You can also get it from other suppliers in OZ but not all have the smaller bottle.  


thanks for the replies! will look into it when i get home… 


i might have to just test it myself - if i do ill let you know how it goes.


I will test it on my 4W E1 when the stuff arrives. (Next at or so) My feeling is that the 3W laser will work - maybe just have to slow the federate down a bit. Will advise after testing.


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That looks awesome! I want to try it