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Extendable possibilities for E2


I’d like to have one of E2 too and have some questions.

The bottom of the device - it seams that it’s removable. Is this right?
If it is removable, is it possible to engrave a tablesurface? Remove the bottom, put the device on a surface, sink down the laserhead under Z=0 (Z=0 to Z=-20mm?), cover a possible gap with a black curtain or brushstripes and engrave?

Would it be also possible to add (in the future) a kind of rotary-device under the E2. As a docking-device?
You put the E2 on top - the two device snap together for power an signal transfer to the rotary-device with a new software functionality to drive the rotary-gear?

Thanks for your anwser

I asked  the first half of this question previously. The bottom is not removable. I believe this is because they wanted a class 1 safety rating for the device and a removable bottom would have prevented that. As far as the rotary device , that is a great question, I was wondering the same. I have seen such devices that you can buy for other lasers. What say you Domenic?

Hi Fio,

David is correct about the base not being removable. We cannot do this and maintain a Class I laser rating. It is also quite dangerous as it will permit direct exposure to the beam to either people of materials that can ignite.

With respect to a rotary device, your description sounds like it is moving the entire machine. This will not be possible.

We are however working on a rotary axis accessory which will allow you to engrave onto cylindrical objects within the machine. This will not be fully completed until after we have the E2 shipping.

@David @Domenic

Thank you for your expanation. I unterstand and it’s ok for me. Never the less the machine is very impressive and I think I take one :slight_smile:
The additional rotary device for inside the machine sound very good. What do you think will be the max diameter of an objekt to mark on?

I dream of a machine that can mark irregular shaped non smooth cylindical objects.
Perhaps as an idea - a 3 axis (a=rotary cw ccw; x=left to right to left and z= up down up) synchronous movement?

For example: If I make a little wood figurine on a little CNC device (max diameter 40mm). It would be very nice if E2 could mark a decorative pattern on it.

It is only an Idea not a must.

Can’t await Santa is coming into town :wink:

The “conventional” rotary axis accessory for a laser cutter replaces/bypasses the y-axis stepper with a rotational movement proportional to the diameter of the item being engraved. One manually places the cutting head over the item and adjusts the laser head for proper focus distance. The circuitry/programming processes the commands as before, but the travel of the y-axis is converted to rotational movement.

Irregular non-smooth cylindrical objects would require that the deviation from cylindrical fall into the depth of focus in order for the laser to function in the above-described manner. Any other configuration becomes a four or five axis device. I’m sure if such a laser device exists, the cost would be tremendous and the software quite complex.

For the E2 to be equipped with a rotary axis accessory, it is necessary to have sufficient vertical travel of the laser head as well as sufficient depth of bed to place a mechanism on the bed. The lower profile mechanisms are simply a pair of rollers with a friction surface, driven by the y-axis stepper. The other mechanism resembles a lathe, complete with chuck and live center tailstock. The chuck design allows for irregular surfaces, while the roller-pair design would have difficulty with items of that nature.

Thank you, Fred. Now it’s clear.
My little CNC machine works in the manner described. Obviously I’ve compared apples with pears - excuse the confusion.

Awesome! I am happy to hear that you are developing a rotary device for engraving inside the machine. I see these offered as an accessory to the Chinese CO2 lasers. It’s too bad that the E2 can’t engrave on clear glass though…but this would still open up a whole other realm of engraving possibility’s!