Etching on cotton/calico

Has anyone attempted to etch on cotton and/or calico? Specifically, the cotton/calico material gift bags.

I understand there are different types of bags out there and I note that the presets in the Lightburn library there are a couple for felt (synthetic and natural - cut settings) and one for leather too.

If someone has attempted this, what settings were used and do you have photos of the results?

Machine: Emblaser Core

Hi there :hugs:
I’m not sure if what I attempted is what you are looking for but I’ll attach pictures so you can judge.
My first attempt looked awesome but then when I touched the fabric I found out that the settings were strong and the fabric was torn when it stretched where the lasering took place. And after few attempts I found out that you can’t use thick fonts or images. All fonts or designs should be thin enough to just etch the fabric and not burn it. What I was lasering is lenin pouches I think it’s called. I’ll attach pictures and videos if possible. Thanks :blush:

The pictures up are for the successful etching.
And theses are the failures that looks nice but actually it’s torn.

These look great @Mimz_Jay. Thanks for posting!

It’s good to know that the thicker more solid fonts don’t work so well. I use a thicker font for a logo as well as an image, so I will have to re-think that!

The linen bags you have look very similar to the calico bags I have. What setting did you have to use for this?

I also have white cotton bags to test. The material for these are a bit thicker and the material ‘weave’ I guess you could call it, is much tighter and closer together than the linen/calico bag.

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