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Etched Anodised Aluminium and Stainless Steel Key|Smart Key ring

This is a Key Smart pocket knife style key ring that I have etched with my phone number and a checker-plate steel design.
Laser fill of paths produced by Illustrator.
.SVG file

This was a test of anodised aluminium, but also me figuring out how to align small objects on the laser bed.
I am super impressed by the results. The detail is incredible.


The Stainless Steel screw heads are definitely etched - Not black, but I can’t scratch it off…
The keys were left un-marked.




Here’s the LASER FILL settings on the Emblaser 2.
Note the narrow line distance.

It took my little Notebook PC about 6 minutes to crunch the Gcode for this.
I wish laserweb’s processing percentage scale thing was more accurate instead of doing nothing for 6 minutes and then being ready.

The anodising can etch off much faster (600mm/min or more), but I didn’t want to lose detail by shaking things around too much.


Looks great Tom.

We will have to try SS screws and see what results we get.

Red anodisation definitely comes out great when engraved.

Hi Tom :slight_smile:
This is a great project!

Can I ask, is this anodized aluminum? I can’t seem to engrave it at all, and even followed your laser fill settings :confused: the dog tag manages to get super hot, but doesn’t seem to get through the coating. Can the E2 engrave anodized steel?

Thank you so much in advance for any insight you may have :slight_smile:


Hello Cassandra,

Yes, these are anodised aluminium. Don’t know about steel.
At the moment I can’t think why it’s not working for you. Apart from cleaning the lens or making sure it’s focused…?

I have had no problems with Anodised business cards and also dog tags
Zaps the coating off easily:
Business cards: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/100pcs-laser-engraved-Metal-Business-Cards-Blank-3-4x2-1in-Thicknes-0-45mm-black/112433031733
Dog Tags: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/20pcs-Military-Engraved-Dog-ID-Tags-Custom-Double-Sides-Name-Cat-Tags-Pendants/162077890148

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Thanks so much Tom! I’m fairly certain it was this particular dog tag it may not have been intended for lasering but rather stamping/etching. The flask project turned out great :slight_smile:
Thank you for the links :smiley:


Hi Tom,

Would you mind sharing the settings you use for the Anodized Aluminum Business Cards and Dog Tags with me? I have both and am having a hard time finding out the right settings to use for them. I’m looking on the forum and am stumped to see that people can have great results in 1 pass, but it takes me at least 10 passes and to get something to get through. I’ve been trying to tweak different settings, but something just isn’t right. Thanks!



Hi Lindsay,

I didn’t write the settings down anywhere unfortunately, but those settings above in my photo should work.
If I do any more, I’ll come back here with the settings.

Thanks so much, Tom!