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Estimated cutting time indication

Looking for some way to estimate how long a cutting operation will take before i run it so I know for instance if there is enough time to run a cut before i have to go to work in the morning.


I have done this by setting the job going without the laser activated, leave it running 5 mins and it gives you an estimated time…

this is good for a very ‘rough’ estimate.

Id be interested if there was a better way though!


Thanks Josh, will give that a try, so you mean that when you abort the job it gives an estimated run time or are you just guessing that it cut about 1/3of it it 5 min so total job would be about 15?

I would have thought it would be built into the software since it already knows the speeds it will be cutting at and how many passes etc.


This is a requested feature for Laserweb. Lots of people asking for it.

I will see if I can push it along a little with the dev team.

Thats great Domenic, thanks

I use the free Java Gcode sender, so as soon as you start the job it has the estimated time in the info window - it takes about 5 mins to settle down…

im guessing the software youre using doesnt have this?


Maybe install gcode sender and run it through that first just to get a rough idea?

Bumping this to see if the LaserWeb team is still looking at this?

This is still listed in their ‘feature request’ but I suspect they are tackling more critical things at the moment.

Switch to LightBurn.

Does time estimation and more!