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Essential Oils Box

I recently finished a box for my partner to store her essential oils in.

I made it first out of 1.85mm boxboard, and then once I was sure the design worked, cut it again out of 1.6mm carbonised bamboo.

Because the box walls are 2-materials thick, the box is quite sturdy despite being made of relatively thin cardboard and wood.


Here it is assembled with the lid on.  You can see the cardboard one in the background.

I made some changes to my code such that the distance it uses for generating slots/tabs to fit together used to be the thickness of the material, but on something like this that produces something like 50 tabs per side.  It was hell getting the cardboard one together.
Now I can specify a multiplier for that value, to create longer tabs and slots.  This one was produced with 3.0 as the multiplier, so each of those tabs/slots is 4.8mm long.

Here it is with the lid off - there are 2 internal brackets with the holes for the bottles cut in them.  As a result, the bottles cannot fall over and the structural integrity of the box is increased.  The holes for the slots of these brackets are hidden from the outside by the outer layer of the box, another benefit of the second-skin form.

I made the lower internal skin higher than the lower external skin, and vice versa for the upper skins.  This means the outer skin of the lid overlaps the inner skin of the base, so the lid is held in place by a little friction.

And here it is almost full of oils.

Now I’ve got get her to show the members of her mothers group when they next do one of these essential oils meeting things (kinda like a tupperware party, it seems to me).  See if anyone wants to buy one. 
All up it cost about $15 worth of materials, given that it used 6 A4 sheets of the bamboo, and the piece of wood I cut down to A4 size gave me 12 sheets for about $30.



Great work Anthony.

Put us down for one if you end up making some more. We would like to feature it in our display cabinet.

You also may consider some engraved design work on the lid perhaps. Just a thought. Here’s an example: