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Engraving rubber stamp + LightBurn settings

Does anyone have any recommended settings to get started with engraving laserable rubber for the purpose of creating rubber stamps?

There is this this other post from 2016. Has there been any new development especially in relation to the LightBurn software? LB currently does not have any presets made for laserable rubber / engraving.

I get the idea that the engraving should be scanned and cross-hatched, but is there a way to set up multiple Z passes so that you get a bit of that inset taper as the cuts go further into the rubber? Can anyone share their LB settings?

Looking at professionally produced rubber stamps, one can see how the cuts have that taper to support the inked surface and prevent it from crumbling when pressure is applied, especially on fine lines.

I’m still awaiting on my shipment of laserable rubber to begin testing but any help from folks here will be much appreciated.



So the grey ‘2.3mm laserable rubber’ arrived and I put the Emblaser 2 through some tests.

Interestingly enough, anything beyond 6 passes wouldn’t make much of a difference, just more time. The density of this grey rubber made the E2 struggle to put in a good solid engraving, so all I got was around 0.63mm deep as measured with callipers. As mentioned by others in the OP link, tests on ink stamps provided ok detail when the design doesn’t need fine details. Smaller text (under 12pt) and fine lines are not possible. :frowning:

Upping laser power doesn’t make a difference. The 5W laser seems only capable of removing material up to a certain point. Setting Z offset didn’t help much either – it just couldn’t ‘bed in’ deeper and make the lower cuts. I wonder if using some sort of jig to hold the rubber, and carefully removing the material between consecutive engraving passes might be a way to get deeper engravings?

Anyone with experience on this to share?

Are there alternative types of ‘laserable rubber’ that work better with the E2?


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