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Engraving on leather

Just finished the assemble and tried this image on veg tanned leather.  Image is about 20cm diameter. Power at 20% and took about half an hour to do.   Would like to learn how not to get the burn dots at start and finish points. Cheers

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Nice result Caroline.

I can see the starting and finishing burn dots. It also looks like there is a little misalignment between the start and end of the circles.

Can you try and run the calibration file on a piece of card or scrap ply wood. It will show up any problems with alignment that we can address.

Also, please try and engrave your design onto a piece of thick card to see whether the burn dots appear on this material as well. This will help determine if it is the leather material causing this.



Your work looks great! I’m just getting started with my emblaser1 (4w) and I was hoping you could help me out:) My question is… how do you clean/finish your engravings after your done? I will be using my emblaser to primarily engrave my logo on leather wallets (3/4oz veg tanned). Still working out some kinks but I was curious to know how you finish your work. I’ve read that some finish by scrubbing with water. Do you typically engrave before dyeing your leather or after?


hi michael,  after engraving, i wash the leather by putting some dishwashing detergent on my hand and put the leather under a running tap.  I gently  rub the detergent on the leather as the water flows over the leather.  I find this washes any burn/soot off the leather without staining the rest of the leather. 
After the leather dries, i dye and then condition and seal with any good leather conditioner.    Hope this helps…cheers

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Thanks you!!