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Engraving mirror acrylic

Hi, I have some mirror acrylic and was wondering about engraving/etching it. 

I know I could spray the front and do something that way, but was wondering about mirroring the image and doing it on the back?  That way, you wouldn’t have any engraving etc on the front of the mirror.  Is it OK or will that damage the laser?

I looked on the community but could only find info from 4 - 5yrs ago (unless I missed something).


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Hi Malcolm,

Thanks for your question! While I have not done this myself, I can’t think of a reason this should not be possible.

Generally the reverse side of this sort of acrylic is a mid to dark grey, which can be removed by the laser, leaving contrasting areas in the otherwise mirror surface (when viewed from the front).

I would advise against attempting to engrave the mirror side, as this will reflect the beam and potentially damage the laser diode / optics, but the grey side, with a flipped image, should be fine.

You may also need to paint or put some coloured card behind the mirror to aid with the contrast, though again - I haven’t tried this myself - If anyone has with mirror acrylic, please share!

There is this great post from Robert, who I believe was using actual glass mirror, with amazing results: https://darklylabs.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360007540795-The-Core-so-far


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Thanks Lliam,

I do remember seeing the post you mentioned.  Excellent work.

I’ll have a play.