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Engraving is really distorted

Help! I’m in deep water with this one :see_no_evil:
I’m engraving a box lid for a customer - I’ve used this material and PNG file in the last 24 hours without problems, but this morning it’s distorting the image. Any ideas why? It only seems to be REALLY noticable on diagonal engraving. The railings are oiled and I’ve restarted LaserWeb a half dozen times.

Thank you so much in advance for any help!

Oh boy!
Ok I think it’s far worse than I originally thought :see_no_evil:
About a month ago I replaced a few parts, and ever since the E2 has been extremely loud. I think the compressor is making the material vibrate out of place! It only seems to happen when I don’t use the mats. Is there any way to turn this thing down?


I had the same problem for a couple of jobs and could not figure out why the engraving was distorted.

On close examination I saw the workpiece moving slowly due to the vibrations of the compressor.

Play Doh to the rescue.  Stick some on each side of the workpiece and that will hold it in place.