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Engraved wood pen

Our first finished project. A bamboo pen. Happy with the result. Settings are 30% 20 mm/sec. 

Well done.

Very impressive!


This was MY first project:

been there done that


That looks great. You certainly have tackled the learning curve with a vengeance!

Thanks for sharing the results.

Writing text is the easy bit, doing pictures is an altogether different more fiddly matter. That’l take much longer to get my head around. We still don’t have the full Piclaser just the demo hopefully next week we’ll get that then I can really get down to doing some test runs with pictures.

Well done Maria.

Talking about piclaser, stuck inside on a boring rainy long weekend I found a piece of Bunnings plywood that I must have dropped on the garden bed below my deck back in January, it had been rained on and sun bleached and was very golden coloured and cracked and weathered and warped

I was going to throw it out but then thought that I’d have nothing to lose so should give it a go  with piclaser, because it was raining and I had nothing else to do.

I downloaded a random pic from the internet, ran it through piclaser , sent it to the poor warped cracked bit of ply and this came out, so  with decent medium and a bit of tweaking the picture you’"ll end up with something really special.


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 Where did you but the pens?

that pen in the picture comes from China off Aliexpress. I have some Australian suppliers, Promotions Only and Promo City. The problem with those two is you can’t buy pen per unit, but in bulk. Whereas those from Aliexpress you but they take longer to arrive but those from Australia are quicker.

You could also contact your local woodcraft groups/woodturners. They generally have supplies of pens available for purchase.  They are a popular item to turn on a wood lathe.