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Emblaser2 stops after 3 mins. X and Y Home and then constant alarm

I have some problems that have just started this week.
Maybe after my HP notebook updated some files.

My Emblaser2 stops after 3 or 4 mins. X and Y Home (but not Z) and then constant alarm goes off until I turn the unit off.

I need to restart Laserweb before the Emblaser2 will connect again for another try.

I get this error in Laserweb:

Any suggestions? I’ll reinstall laserweb and see if that helps - although I think I have the latest version

Hi Tom,

This happened to me a month or two ago, was happening mid job constantly.

At the same time I noticed that the fumes from cutting weren’t being extracted as well as they had been previously.
After inspecting the exhaust fan I saw that it was fully clogged with dust and grit.
I opened up the back, pulled it out and cleaned it thoroughly.

There are instruction in the maintenance thread on how to remove/reinstall it.

I also gently cleaned out the two fans on the laser module, the one on the back of the module was thick with grit.

This helped the fumes to be extracted again and I didn’t have a problem after that.

I could be wrong, but I think I recall that the material ignition alert feature is built into the exhaust fan.

This could be the reason the Emblaser stops and beeps constantly if it thinks there is to much smoke/fumes.

Just something to try.

Hope it helps,


Thanks for the Tip Jeremy,

I have cleaned all the fans now (didn’t even know there was one behind the laser). Sounds quieter and should improve air flow a lot. they were pretty clogged and disgusting.

Still got same problem and that’s running the fumes straight out of the unit - no hose.

Laserweb or windows seems to be dropping the com port.
e.g I’ll be happily connected to Com 3, then get this problem and find that Com 3 is not available again till I reboot Laserweb. It thinks I’ll want Com 4…

Hopefully Domenic can have some ideas for me too.

Regards, Tom

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I have resolved my problem whilst opening a support request…

Just for the record:

Darkly Labs Support have confirmed that “This alarm us usually associated with an overheating situation on the laser head” and asked “whether the small fan on the back of the laser head is spinning when you have the machine turned on”

That fan was spinning, and I’d cleaned the outside.

To fix the issue I took apart the rear housing of the laser head (2 Philips Head screws) and took out the little fan (4 allen head bolts).
Brushed MDF dust out of everything at the back of the laserhead - Around circuit board etc.

Put everything back together and have been cutting like normal this morning with no overheating/alarm problems.


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Thanks for the info, mine was doing the exact same thing, but after i found the fan at the back absolutely caked in dust, and cleaned it, it runs fine now and is much quieter.


Darkly needs to do an FAQ of all teh bits to clean :slight_smile:

Thanks Alan, nice to know I am not wasting my time writing to myself and answering my own posts…