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Emblaser2 Software Update - Laserweb

Here is an update as we get ready to release the beta version of the Emblaser 2 software.


Laserweb is an open-source software project which we have been supporting and working closely with the development team since the Emblaser 2 was first being designed. It has undergone what we would classify as ‘major’ development work over the last 6 months. The current iteration is perfect for the Emblaser as all its unique features are supported.


Laserweb is fully Windows (PC) and OSX (Mac) compatible.

It can be installed and run locally on your computer OR over the internet.

The software runs through a Chrome browser on your device.

File formats currently supported

Vector:: SVG & DXF

Raster (image): JPG, PNG

Please note, more formats will be added over time.

How it works

Laserweb is the interface between you and your Emblaser2. It is used to import your design files or photos, position them in the workspace and define the tasks you would like to perform with them (cut, engrave etc).

Laserweb incorporates a material database which contains some common material cutting and engraving presets to get you started. You are able to add to the database as you find the perfect settings for your own projects.

There is no need to manually focus the Emblaser 2. Simply enter the thickness of your material into Laserweb and it will set the correct height for perfect focus.

More detailed instructions will be available at release.



Still to be completed

Camera display onto viewport. (de-skew functions complete)

Design rotation in viewport (move and scale complete)

PC / Mac installer (in progress now)

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It’s not going to work with an Emblaser1 is it? 

At the moment no as it requires a later version of GRBL that the E1 uses.

We have this on our roadmap to update.

Thanks Domenic, that’s what I suspected. Is it possible for a user to reflash the board we have to the newer GRBL 1.1?

I’ve been watching the development of Laserweb 4 on their Google group (which I see you’re a mod on) with some interest. Not necessarily for the laser part of it but for the CAM operation potential … I also have a Carbide3D Shapeoko so I’m looking at all the various programs to run it. The board it came with has the older GRBL but there’s instructions and a small helper program available to reflash it to GRBL 1.1 to run their newly upgraded software.

I’m actually quite pleased with the Vectric software for the Emblaser 1. I’m wondering if it will work on the Emblaser 2. (not that I plan on getting one just quite yet)

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Our plan is to supply an update program that will flash the E1 board to the new GRBL firmware. It should be nice and simple.

At the moment the Vectric software  is not able to work with the E2 and we are not holding our breath for this to change anytime soon. We did discuss this with them a few times starting over year ago and it unfortunately does not appear to be in their plans.

We potentially do have the ability to modify the post-processor to generate E2 friendly gcode, but direct control of the E2 will not be possible.

Thanks again

I’ll look forward to the ability to upgrade the board should I decide to do so.


Are you saying that the Vectric Cut2D Laser software won’t work with GRBL 1.1 or won’t work with the Emblaser 2?

I’m also looking forward to more documentation and perhaps a video or two about LaserWeb 4. I keep checking the Google group about it.

Laserweb 4 demo video is up on the Google+ page.


Had about an hours play with the macOS beta today. I’m happy with it’s progress. As a newbie to the software I find it helpful. More helpful than most Beta. Which is a good thing because it’s not intuitive. Can do with some visual design clean up still, guess that will come along as the more important jobs are done. Was an issue where I dragged an SVG into the G-Code section  and it appears to display the SVG document full screen, presumably because I wasn’t meant to… I didn’t mind that as a preview of the document, but I had no controls, back buttons and the close button closed the entire session leaving the app without a window and since there are no menu bar entries other than the OS default I wasn’t able to rectify the situation. Now I just need the machine to test it with! :slight_smile:

Additionally; I will be using a small media PC to drive my manufacturing jobs, eg running pre setup files and jobs as per requirement from product sales. But I would prefer to use my Design Mac to set the job settings (workspace) before transferring them to the manufacturing job list management PC with the cutter where sales will be handled. Will this work ok?

Also, when I save a workspace, thus creating a JSON file, do I need to retain location, added SVG documents and directory structure? Or is all that data stored in the one file.


Cut2D-Laser won’t work with the E2 at the moment. We plan to update the post-processor code to allow Cut2D-Laser to generate cutting files for the E2, but do not expect Cut2D-Laser will be able to directly drive the E2 any time soon.


There should be no problems switching between Mac and PC while working with LW. The saved out workspace files (json) are platform independent.

With respect to how your imported documents are stored, all the data is stored in the json file.

We loaded some vectors and an image from our hard-drive into LW. Saved out the workspace and closed LW. We then moved the loaded files out of their original location, restarted LW and reloaded the workspace The vectors and images were loaded correctly.


Cool, I have tried just that eariler today. Happy with it, just what I wanted.

Another question… how much of the setup does the JSON file store? I noticed that it didn’t update the profile on the fresh install on the other computer. Not an issue in itself. But just made me wonder if the workspace save consists only of that tab?

Unfortunatly for me my design computer fried in the heat today. Still waiting on airconditioning. Services in rural Australia are appalingly slow and scarce. Will have to wait on replacement iMac.

Json is a standard format used throughout LW.

The workspace json file saves your workspace related information, such as document and operations.

The settings json file stores all the settings you have. etc.

The new version of LW we will post shortly includes the Emblaser as an inbuilt machine profile you can select and apply. This will change all the required settings to correctly operate the Emblaser 2.