Emblaser2 lids for ECore enclosures

We get often get asked by Emblaser Core customers for the appropriate material to use for making an enclosure.

It is important to understand that not all materials offer suitable eye protection from lasers. A common misconception is that regular orange / amber or red acrylic is sufficient. This is incorrect. Although regular colored acrylic may offer a certain degree of laser light protection, it is no where near the same protection offered by the laser safety glasses supplied with your Emblaser Core.

Consequently we have been offering what we call ‘seconds’ Emblaser2 lids to customers for their enclosures. These lids are a special formulated polycarbonate material that is not only fire resistant, but offers OD6+ of laser light protection for the specific laser used in the Emblaser.

Seconds lids may have minor scratches / scuffs.

You can find them in our store here: