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Emblaser2 able to cut 1/4" ply basswood?

Will the Emblaser2 step height function allow it to cut 1/4" thick ply basswood? I would be using the air assist, if needed, and using a powered exhaust vent to outside.

Thank you,

Hi Neil,

We are confident this will be achievable but have not performed formal material tests yet.

The new optics system for the E2 is close to being supplied at which point we can start to post results which we can stand behind.

So far the air-assist has been working well and creating much cleaner cuts than without it. Its cutting improbvements relies on the type of material and we will be detailing this as well in time.


Thank you for the quick response.

I’m eager to see the test results.

That’s great that the air assist is working well. I am glad I sprang for it! I knew it would be worth purchasing just from all the research I have done on laser engravers and all the Chinese Co2 machines that are starting to come with air assist standard and the amount of aftermarket air assist add on’s that are available for them.

Hi. Would you recommend to buy the air assist? I have ordered the E2 without it and I wonder if it is smarter to order the air assist as well…?

Hi Eli,

The Air-Assist can be easily added down the track if you choose. It will take 5-10min to install.