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Emblaser license type

Is the Emblaser licence of Lghtburn a DSP or Gcode license? I’m wondering if I’ll be able to use it on the rare occasion I fire up my smoothie controller K40 laser too which I need to run off gcode.

I also happily have my E1 running with laserweb and I’d prefer not to have to upgrade firmware and rewire one stepper for LightBurn (presumably to reverse one axis) because this may break my laswerweb. There was another post about the licenses some time ago but it wasn’t clear. 

The Emblaser license of LightBurn contains devices for other controllers.

If you click ‘Devices’ and then ‘Create Manually’ it will show you a list of the other controllers it will support.

For a DSP license or anything not listed, I recommend contacting LightBurn directly.

The Emblaser license is equivalent to a GCode license with some Darkly specific additions, and comes with Smoothieware, GRBL, and Marlin drivers in addition to the Emblaser devices.

Thanks LB… Exactly what I wanted to know.