Emblaser cutting tray?

If I purchase an Emblaser cutting tray (for an Emblaser 2), would it be superfluous if, down the track, I purchase an “Emblaser 3”? Obviously you can’t give me a release date for the next Emblaser but I wonder if I could also use it in the next model?

Hi Elayne,

The cutting tray will be compatible with the next machines we release.

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Thanks for the prompt reply, Domenic, in that case I’m off to order one now. Any hints as to how long before the “Emblaser 3” becomes available?


On Facebook, discussing the new Emblaser tray, you advised that:

“ They are 28mm high, but the LightBurn ‘Support’ height setting is 26mm. There is a label on the cutting tray with this measurement on it.” Why is there a 2mm decrement? Is it to allow for the thickness of the frame (ruler)?

What method do you suggest to clean the honeycomb?

The actual height is 28mm, but the mesh is 26mm above thew base. That means you would enter 26mm into the ‘support’ value in LightBurn.

We haven’t tried cleaning the mesh. It does get discoloured, but does not affect the performance. If anything I would probably just give it a gentle wipe on the top with a soft cloth to remove any debris that may mark the underside of the material.

The next Emblaser is coming along nicely and will certainly be worth the wait!

Thanks for the update, Domenic. I have a bottle of “Awesome” which is often suggested by owners of other mesh trays, so will resort to that if there is a build-up of resin or other gunk.

I’ll have to look into that. I have never heard of that cleaner.

Correction: the full title is “L.A. Awesome” and I bought mine thru Amazon.


Some people swear by it for removing smoke stains which is what I purchased it for. It works great on hard wood surfaces but was inclined to leave a small stain on your plywood so I stopped using it for that.


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Any thoughts on a suitable style of hold-down pins or magnets? Mine is still within the bowels of Australia Post so I haven’t had a chance to look at the mesh.

Received my tray and am impressed. I had been using magnets so it eliminates that step. I was a bit concerned that I might not be able to determine whether pieces had cut through (by lightly pressing on them), but if they are cut through they “dip” over the mesh holes.

I modified the pattern for a Glowforge hold-down pin and they seem to work with the Emblaser’s mesh but modifications might improve it. 3D printed ones would perhaps be better.

HOLD DOWN HALF PINS x 8 - a.lbrn (112.4 KB)

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You are a champion. I will test these supports out and pop them on our project page.

Glad you’re happy with the cutting tray.

Hi Domenic,
I don’t understand the sizing and support height you mention. You say actual height is 28mm with the mesh 26mm above the base. Is the “ruler” sitting on top of the frame holding the mesh thus the 28mm actual height and that’s why the support height setting in Lightburn is 26mm?

Hi Malcolm,
The mesh (which is what your material sits on) is 26mm above the base.

The frame of the cutting tray is 2mm higher which gives you a hards edge to align your material against.

I probably confused matters by mentioning the number 28mm. 26mm is the only number you need to consider and enter as your ‘support’ value in LightBurn.

When I ordered an Emblazer mesh plate I did not anticipate that it would be as good as I am finding it.

My images are much cleaner (there is very little sign of smoke staining on either the top or bottom), I think they are cutting faster and they are certainly cutting through cleanly. For 3 mm Darkly laserply I am cutting at 200 speed, two passes and air. In the past I’ve always struggled cutting 6 mm so I have largely given up on it but today cut into my last sheet and was amazed to get really clean cuts at 120 speed, three passes, and of course air which I leave on for everything.

Highly recommended!

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Thanks for the kind words Elayne.

We tweaked the hold-down design and posted a project for everyone to use here:

We found the best material is 2.5mm Eucalypt plywood. It fits perfectly and locks in place well.

Thank you for your help with this.

These look great and the eucalyptus is much more practical. I have just enough room left on my Eucalyptus to squeeze out out five clips so off to to try them now. Many thanks.

The pins are very good if the workpiece is small but, if it is 500 x 300, there aren’t enough holes around the outside. to fix this I glued some thin magnets on the tray frame and fashioned some steel hold-down plates to catch the corners.

I also 3d printed some pins
I can’t upload the STL file but happy to provide
My next project is to create a jig so that the tray can reference 0/0 accurately and repeatedly.

Love the tray, love the Emblaser.

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Clayton that looks great. Hope to own a 3D printer after November (kickstarter) so will make PLA ones my first assignment. If I use laserply rather than eucalyptus (which is more resistant) I can manage to squeeze wood pins in around the edges of a full sheet, albeit with some effort.

Will be very interested in your jig for zero/zero. Presently I press the tray until it stops “nearbye”, then make sure to allow small margins for placement of patterns.

If there is ever a version 2 of the tray I’d suggest that the steel rule parts be raised a couple of mms more as sliding a sheet in sometimes wants to glide over the bottom ruler.

Hi, I’m about to order a tray. They look great and the little hold downs are a game changer. Question about the laser beam, does it mark the bottom steel base plate? I guess at 28mm it probably is not noticeable. Thanks